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Shree Kutch Kadva Patidar “Yuvak Mandal” Thane is presenting you the “History” of our Community.

           To give any kind of success story to any trust, religion or any organization, it is necessary to study its past thoroughly. And only then we come to know why it has gained much respect and a high standard in the societies of world.

           How was the history of Yuvak Mandal of Shre Kutch Kadva Patidar? Inspite of having a small working committee and high number of community members, the societal and education programs that are conducted; we are experiencing a fresh and motivational environment for our community.

           So here we are with a glimpse of Shree Kutch Kadava Patidar’s past and present experiences.

           Every city and village of India has some kind of historic importance. In the same way even ‘Thane’ has its own historic importance. Very old Lord Shiv Temple is located in this beautiful city. In this traditional city of Thane, Respected Mr. Devji Jetahbhai Pokar, Anandsar, around in the year 1940 settled down here. At that point of time he used to do work of timber. In the year of 1943 he started own “ Anand Bhartiya Mill”. After this, other families also started coming in this city to settle down. And they were Valji Punja Nathani, Vishram Punja Nathani, Prabhudas Valji Pokar from Jadodar and Gopalbhai Rajani from Nakhatrana settled down here. All of them settled down here In the year 1949.

           In the year 1958, Shamji Jivraj Jabuvani, Gopal Jivraj Limbani and Meghji Lalji Pokar from Kotda(J) settled down here in Thane. Inspite of being less in number they gave themselves education in study room. At that time only Tulshidas Meghji Pokar went to collage while other went to the high school. All this was to startup a new inspirational trend came up like:-

          1.      Shamji Prabhudas and his family hoisted our national flag on terrace on every 15 th August.
          2.      In the year 1950, in the hall of Meghji Lalji Pokar a patriotic drama was screened.
          3.      On every blue moon night Shamji Prabhudas used to put up a program of “Bhajans” and this tradition continued till the year 1954-58. In the same year jabuvani family came Thane to settle down.

           with passing time other families also stared to come here and settle down. Since then new year get together came to be celebrated. Since there was no particular hall of the community every year this get together was held in different halls.
           In the year 1970, the kids from Thane had performed a drama on “Shishya Devo Bhava”. And during this time the youngsters of Thane thought of making their own Yuvak Mandal. With this thought, in the year 18-10- 1974 Shree Kutch Kadva Patidar Yuvak Mandal gave a birth.

           The members of the committee we as follows:-

          1.      Devji Ramji Jabavani- Dolatpar
          2.      Tulshidas Meghji Pokar- Kotda(J)
          3.      Karsan Shamji Jabuvani- Dolatpar
          4.      Girdhar Gopal Limbani- Kotda(J)
          5.      Mavji Manji Limbani- Kotda(J)

           On 01-11- 1974 in other general meeting another decisions were taken. Elections of Yuvak Mandal were held and 25 men represented themselves.

          1.      Devji Ramji Jabuvani
          2.      Tulshidas Meghji Pokar
          3.      Dr. Ratilal Meghji Pokar
          4.      Mavji Dhanji Jabuvani
          5.      Girdhar Gopal Limbani
          6.      Karsan Shamji Jabuvani
          7.      Ratanshi Vishram Nathani
          8.      Mavji Manji Limbani
          9.      Shankarlal Ratanshi Jabuvani
          10.    Hiralal Laxman Pokar
          11.    Hiralal Prabhudas Pokar

           In this way different ideas were portrayed by everyone and different decisions were taken. In which the festival of Navratri was started. Library was put up.

           In the year 1976, Navratri was celebrated in Thane Timber Compound and Sharad Poonam night was celebrated.

           In the year 1976, Yuvak Mandal decided to abolish tradition of “Ghunghat” which was supported by everyone.

           In the year 1979, Navratri was celebrated in the compound of Patel Brothers.

           Ratilal Meghji Pokar - M.S.( Master in Surgery ), Chandual Bhavanji Nakrani – C.A. ( Chartered Accountant ), both were felicitated.